FinnFest 2019 is hosting seminars on a variety of interesting topics such as food, language, and history. Be sure to regsiter today for these unique experiences

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Finnish Foods and Presentation Class

Time: Thursday, 9-11:30 OR 1:00-3:30
Location: Finnish Center, Farmington Hills

Finnish food that looks as good as it tastes. Hyvää roukahalua. Enjoy your meal. Learn Finnish food preparation techniques from renowned chef Soile Anderson. Known for her passion, creativeness and attention to detail, Soile founded Deco Catering (serving President Obama and the Dalai Lama), the Taste of Scandinavia Bakeries and the Finnish Bistro restaurant. Her career included creating a Scandinavian Mid-Summer party for the Martha Stewart Living magazine and talking about Smorgasbord with Alton Brown on the Food Network. In this class, Soile will teach how to make Finnish rye bread and piirakka (Karelian pies) and illustrate the art of food presentation as she makes open-faced sandwiches. Hands-on experience with the cooking techniques and tastings of the final products will make this a unique experience. Eleanor Ostman, former food editor for the St. Paul Pioneer Dispatch, and co-author, with Soile, of Celebrations to Remember, will interview and assist.
All attendees receive a copy of Celebrations to Remember (a $20 value). The class will be taught on Thursday morning 9:00-11:30 and repeated 2:00-3:30. Each class is limited to 20 persons.

Labor History 1.5:
The Automobile Industry and the Finns

Time: Thursday, 8:30-4:00
Location: AM: Sheraton Conference Center; PM: chartered bus

Detroit is known as the center of the US automobile industry. Less known is the fact that the Detroit metro region forms the second largest Finnish American population in the US, largely because of the automobile industry. People speak of the Finnish immigrants working in the mines and the woods, on the docks and in the quarries, in the steel wire and the textile factories. Little or nothing is said about the automobile industry and the Finntown that rivaled few others in size, complexity, and national influence. This seminar will begin to correct that neglect. The morning will introduce Detroit’s labor history story and consider the Finnish experience within it. The afternoon will feature a bus tour of Detroit’s factory locations and labor protest sites, a drive through Finntown, and two stops to study artworks created in response to labor narratives: the Diego Rivera labor history murals at the Detroit Institute of Art and “Transcending,” Detroit’s tribute to labor history.
Presenters will include: Prof. John Beck, Human Resources and labor relations, Michigan State University, Dave Elsila, Editor, retired, Solidarity, the UAW monthly, Kae Halonen, Seattle-born, raised in a Finnish American progressive
family, Detroit-area teacher and automobile workers’ wife. Others TBD

Genealogy 1.5:
Is My Family Tree History Really Finnish?

Time: Thursday, 8:30-4:00
Location: Sheraton Conference Center

What can I learn about my family tree if I look at it from the perspective of Finland? This year’s Genealogy workshop brings four specialists from Finland to share new research into the history of ordinary Finnish families and migration. They will present social and economic history that will go a long way to explain the “how and the why” of your Finnish family tree. In addition, the new e-service finding aid, Omat Juuret (my own roots) will be introduced. The day will end with an opportunity to hear these researchers talk about current Finnish perspectives on Finnish DNA testing and their results. This seminar should be of interest to
both beginning and advanced students of genealogy.
Presenters will include: Prof. Antti Häkkinen, University of Helsinki; Dr. Tuomas Martikainen, Migration Institute, Executive Director; Dr. Miika Tenhunen, Researcher, Migration Institute; TBD, Genealogical Society of Finland.

Finnish Language Camp for Adults

Time: Thursday, 8:30-3:30
Location: Finn Camp, Wixom, Michigan

If you’re 18 years or older and want to learn, relearn, or improve your Finnish, as well as have fun participating in Finnish cultural activities at Detroit’s beautiful Finn Camp, join us for a day-long experience. Finn Camp, a local Finnish American institution on the shores of Loon Lake, has been hosting Finnish-related events since 1925. For FinnFest USA 2019, Finn Camp is providing space, food and plenty of coffee for this day of immersion with the Finnish language. Our experienced instructor will de-mystify Finnish’s uniqueness as well as help you improve your pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, and learn new conversational skills. A great way to broaden your knowledge of Finnish culture! Tulkaa oppimaan!
(Come and learn!)

Finnish American Art History:
What and Where?

Time: Thursday, 8:30-4:00
Location: Sheraton Conference Center in A.M., Chartered bus, P.M.

Cranbrook and America’s Monumental Art will be explored in the context of Finnish America. Detroit, the home of the renowned Cranbrook Art Museum, formed a link between Finland and the USA beginning in the mid-1920’s. In preparation for FinnFest USA 2019’s exclusive September 22nd Sunday afternoon at Cranbrook, this seminar will explore what it meant to have Eliel and Loja Saarinen, together with their children, become part of the Cranbrook Academy of Art. This seminar will also explore the topic of “monumental” art and the concept of how seemingly non-Finnish artwork can be considered as Finnish American. The afternoon tour into Detroit will provide opportunities to pursue this topic in the context of two significant expressions of art in Detroit: “Transcending” the monument to workers in downtown Detroit and the Diego Rivera murals at the Detroit Institute of Art. Max Stevenson, Director of Exhibitions and Programming,
Norway House, Minneapolis, is chairing this seminar. Speakers TBD