Help Design FinnFest’s Future

Help Design FinnFest’s Future

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, April 15, 2017 – Since 1983, FinnFest USA has used the same logo. It has served us well but now as Finland begins its second century as a country, FinnFest USA would like to create a new graphic identity. We are asking all those designers out there (professional or otherwise) to take part in our FinnFest USA Logo Contest!

Here is how it will work. Designers will need to create a design that can be used by FinnFest USA festivals and events for the foreseeable future. It should be in color but also capable of being used in black and white. The design may include no more than one paragraph which presents the design.

To enter, send your files to by June 1, 2017.
The winning selection will be announced before the FinnFest in Minneapolis, September 21-24.

Here are the rules:

  1. Please create a 300 dpi copy of your logo design, and e-mail it as a pdf. You can use whatever software you would like to create but it needs to be sent as a pdf. If your design is the winning selection, we will need a 600 dpi version in different formats.
  2. Send one copy in color and one in black and white.
  3. All artwork must be original – this means absolutely no clip art, or elements that look like clip art!
  4. A maximum of four colors may be used in the design, this Includes Black and White.
  5. Lettering must be correct, and easy to read.
  6. All submitted entries, images and artwork become exclusive property of the FinnFest USA.
  7. All entries are recorded and numbered by someone not involved in the selection. The FinnFest USA logo selection committee will not see the entrant’s name until after the final selection is made.
  8. FinnFest USA reserves the right to reject any and all entries and to request reasonable minor design modifications from the proposed winner.

FinnFest USA is a festival with strong academic, cultural, and commerce components presenting Finnish American and Finnish culture and heritage. It is a festival that brings modern Finland together with historic and contemporary America, since 1983. FinnFest USA is an ethnic festival like no other in the USA.

Finnesota LLC, premier sponsor of FinnFest USA, is a Minneapolis-based digital strategy and consulting company. Technology entrepreneur and Minneapolis native Abram C. Isola is the Founder and CEO/Partner of Finnesota LLC, working with his father and independent Finnish researcher Gregory S. Isola, President/Partner for the company.

If you would like more information, please call K. Marianne Wargelin at 612.374.2718 or email