Welcome to FinnFest 2018!

Tampere Finland, June 24 - 29

FinnFest USA 2018 travels to Tampere, Finland for a week of post-Juhannus adventures, June 24-29.

Tours to destinations around Tampere and the Häme lakes region will enhance panel presentations on contemporary Finnish technical innovation and cultural creativity, plus an in-depth look at the 1918 Finnish Civil War and the political world that Finland now enjoys. Opportunities to sauna, sing, and dance will define Finland’s long summer evenings. The hotel reservation options disappear after May 1, and late fees will be assessed for registrations. It’s time to visit Finland with FinnFest!


Lapland Hotel - Tampere, chic and inviting accommodations in the heart of the city. You can reserve a room with a down payment of $250 along with the $250 registration fee.  You will need to submit payment for the length of the stay on or before May 1. (Finnish hotels do not have added fees and taxes. The price we are quoting is the full price.) Singles: $127; Doubles: $145. All prices are quoted in US Dollars.

The Lapland Hotel will provide free wi-fi and a full breakfast each day.

No additional payments will be required when you check in. You will have already paid your full bill in US Dollars, using either credit card or check. Euros or Canadian Dollars payments will be converted to US Dollars in the process of using the credit card. All hotel rooms must be paid in full on or before May 1.



Festival registration is US $250. The fee covers museum entrance fees, admission to all panel discussions, speeches, and other programs, festival program book, and access to transportation options. Some food and beverages will also be complimentary.

To plan properly for the festival, FinnFest USA is asking attendees to pay this fee by May 1. After May 1, people may continue to register but a sliding late fee will begin to be assessed, an additional US $10 every two weeks.  

All fees (including hotel booking) must be paid prior to May

If you have decided to reserve one of the sleeping room accommodations in the FinnFest USA block, then you must pay the entire hotel bill by May 1 along with the $250 registration fee for each festival participant who is staying in the room(s) you have reserved.

Registration fees are:

  • $250 
  • $50 for students under the age of 25
  • $25   Children between the ages of 6 and 11.

Purchase each $250 registration fee now and provide a $250 down payment to reserve your hotel room. This initial payment will be $500 for a single person staying in a single room and $750 for two staying in double room.  The rest of the room costs can be paid at any time until May 1.  Your room will continue to be held for you until then.   

Cancellation policy: Prior to May 1, FFUSA will refund fully the hotel down payment. Registration cancellations will be assessed a $125 cancellation fee.

Registration How-To: In order to register through Picatic, our ticketing system, please use the drop-down options below to determine the number of tickets you need. For instance, if you are registering yourself and a roommate for 5 nights, you should have one Registration at $250 (for your roommate), one Registration + 2 nights at $500 (this is your registration fee and you and your roommate's first 2 nights at the hotel) and then 3 Additional Hotel Nights - Double at $145 each to cover the rest of your stay. Then click on "Purchase." This will take you to another site to complete your transaction. You'll have to fill in the required information for each ticket. Your credit cards will be processed by Picatic's secure servers. 

Click here for the FinnFest 2018 schedule!

Questions? Contact admin@finnfestusa.org or 612-374-2718


Photo courtesy of Visit Finland

Celebrating Minna Canth Day

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By Marianne Wargelin, FinnFest USA President Finland has official flag days, days when everyone can fly the flag. Ordinary citizens are not permitted to fly the flag except on these official days. Thus, on a flag day, when you wake up in the morning in any village, town or city, you will discover flags all…