FinnFest 2018

Welcome to FinnFest 2018!

Tampere Finland, June 24 – 29

FinnFest USA 2018 travels to Tampere, Finland for a week of post-Juhannus adventures, June 24-29.

FinnFest USA comes this year to Tampere. The Häme region’s industrialization defined Tampere as the economic engine driving early 20th century Finland. Today, Tampere provides the backdrop FinnFest will use to consider how Finnish people, living and working either in Finland or the USA, created a culture vastly different from the agricultural world into which most Finns, those who emigrated as well as those who stayed, had been born and raised. Exhibits, tours, and panels will provide ways to consider the many parallels between Finland’s and Finnish America’s urban communities.

FinnFest USA’s festival’s lectures and panels will work in tandem with visits to destinations around Tampere and the Häme lakes region. Presentations will emphasize both the past and contemporary…Finnish technical innovation, social issues and cultural creativity, plus an in-depth look at the 1918 Finnish Civil War and the political world that Finland now enjoys. Opportunities to sauna, sing, and dance will define Finland’s long summer evenings. For more information about performers and presenters, click here!

Finland’s current experiences with Immigrants and refugees will add perspectives to the Finnish American diaspora’s own experiences 100 years earlier.  


Festival registration is available on-site in Tampere at FinnFest events, and advanced registration via this website remains open and is encouraged. Online registrations made after June 18 or walk-in registrations during the festival will not include food, drinks or bus passes. 

Full festival registration: $ 30  (or donation at the door)

Single Day registration:  $10  (or donation at the door)

Children and students: Free

Tickets available for purchase below. 


Lapland Hotel – Tampere, chic and inviting accommodations in the heart of the city.The Lapland hotel continues to have rooms available for FinnFest USA at the following prices: Singles: $127; Doubles: $145. All prices are quoted in US Dollars.

The Lapland Hotel will provide free wi-fi and a full breakfast each day.

No additional payments will be required when you check in. You will have already paid your full bill in US Dollars, using either credit card or check. Euros or Canadian Dollars payments will be converted to US Dollars in the process of using the credit card. Pay for each night using our system below. 

Registration How-To: Our ticketing system, Picatic, does not function like a traditional hotel booking system. Each night is a separate “ticket,” which means they must be purchased separately.  While this is unusual, it is the best way to get a competitive group price for a hotel in Finland for those booking from North America and other non-Finnish countries.

Please use the drop-down options below to determine the number of tickets you need. For example, if you are registering for 3 hotel nights in a double room, you will need to book 3 Additional Hotel Nights – Double at $145 each to cover the rest of your stay. This is where you would select “3” from the drop-down menu under “Additional Hotel Night – Double.” Then click on “Purchase.” This will take you to another site to complete your transaction. You’ll have to fill in the required information for each ticket. For example, if you are staying June 26, 27, and 28, you’ll indicate the dates of your stay in your “Additional Hotel Nights – Double” ticket by filling in June 26 for ticket 1, June 27 for ticket 2, and June 28 for ticket 3. Then your credit cards will be processed by Picatic’s secure servers.

We understand this process is more complex than other hotel ticketing systems, but it’s the best way for us to guarantee your rooms at a competitive price during peak summer  season in Finland. Please reach out with any questions, and we look forward to seeing you in Tampere. 

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