FinnFest remembrance by Sally Capra Morales

FinnFest remembrance by Sally Capra Morales

Every FinnFest I’ve been to has been a unique, fun and educational experience. I might be one of the newer attendees. Minneapolis will be our 5th FinnFest. My husband is not of Finnish origin but he looks forward to each FinnFest as much as I do.

FinnFest is a chance to learn about and discuss Finnish culture, music, food, fitness, and even politics. I’ve discovered Asahi, and this year I’ll learn more about this Finnish exercise routine. In the Tori I’ve found many one-of-a-kind gifts and specialty items not easily found in the USA.

My first FinnFest was in San Diego. I am sharing a photo of myself with the Polkabilly Rebels. We had enjoyed their concert the night before when I ran into them in the Tori that day. Every FinnFest has tremendous musical offerings, from Sibelius to folk music to heavy metal! This year, I am looking forward to Apocalyptica: a Finnish Cello Metal Band. I’m not really a heavy metal fan, but I’ve already looked up this band and this is going to be great!

I’m happy I was able to meet the late Harry Siitonen at FinnFest. He was part of a presentation about the Finnish-American Labor Movement. It was fascinating, entertaining and memorable. He just passed away at the age of 91. FinnFest offers the chance for multi-generational learning and sharing.

I remember my Finnish mother as I walk through the displays, I hear her voice as I listen to others speak. I’m proud to identify myself as a Finnish American. I hope to meet you there too!

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